Philanthropic Organisation

Triggering compassionate responses to the refugee crisis


Our client champions refugees and their cause. We worked with them to research public opinion on refugees and test messaging that would trigger humanitarian impulses, such as increased volunteerism and donations.


Our research is now an important part of policy and communications strategies which encourage support for refugees among key decision-makers.

  • Presented at the United Nations Gala in New York, attended by Kofi Annan and Queen Rania of Jordan.
  • Presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
  • Picked up by the Wall Street Journal and others.

Our Method

We started working with our client on their research strategy in 2015. It focussed on two main areas: Yearly tracking of public perceptions of the refugee crisis and giving refugees a voice through comprehensive quantitative research with refugees in camps in Germany, Greece and Jordan.

  • Stage 1:

    Multi-territory quantitative research with nationally representative samples of the population (online surveys in eleven countries across North America, Europe and Australia).


  • Stage 2:

    Online communities in each country, with participants across three key audience segments (positive, negative and mixed views towards refugees).

  • Stage 3:

    In-depth interviews and focus groups with refugees, enabling them to give first-hand accounts of their journeys and show the genuine human face of the crisis.