Government body

Tracking online behaviours during COVID-19


With COVID-19 causing immediate disruption to the daily routines of UK residents, a government body along with an NGO partnered with AudienceNet to monitor the impact it has had on consumer interaction with digital content.

Given the nationwide upheaval, it was important to understand the changing needs of consumers during this time, thus allowing our client to provide insight into new ways of engaging with consumers and to minimise the negative impact on the consumption of digital content, namely increased infringement of copyright laws.


Our data has proven valuable to decision makers working in a variety of industries. By providing robust and verifiable data in such uncertain times, our work has allowed for informed decision making and strategies.

Our method

AudienceNet conducted a longitudinal study via a weekly online survey, with 1,000 respondents per wave, for an initial period of 6 consecutive weeks during the first nationwide lockdown in 2020, with 3 additional waves conducted less frequently later in the year as restrictions were easing.

  • The surveys, consisting of the same set of questions, provided real time tracking of behaviour changes throughout the pandemic.
  • We produced a report after each wave highlighting key trends.

  • This approach showed how behaviour changed compared to prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and, importantly, how it changed throughout the pandemic.
  • A final report was produced summarising key findings from the entire study.