Music market intelligence

Measuring audio consumption in the UK and US


We built Audiomonitor, a syndicated research vehicle, which provides the first statistically and demographically representative measure of all audio consumption, across all formats, genres and devices.


Audiomonitor informs key decision-makers on trends in music consumption (domestically and abroad).

As of 2020, Audiomonitor data has been cited and reported on by BPI, BBC News, Music Week, CMU, Forbes, Music Ally and Digital Music News.

Our method

Audiomonitor always uses a totally fresh sample of 3,000+ respondents each wave.

  • The data captured leads to robust profiles in terms of the demographics and psychographics of all national radio brands as well as all online audio platforms.

  • On a granular level, it also profiles the respective audiences in terms of musical tastes, consumer brand advocacy, social media, reach and share of listening in relation to devices used, time of day when listening, location when listening and much more.

  • Syndicate members are also able to put their own confidential questions to the Audiomonitor sample as well as being able to run their own segmentation profiling, where it exists, through Audiomonitor data.