Recorded Music Industry Body

Understanding music consumption in fast growing markets


Our client representing the recording industry worldwide wanted to build a more robust understanding of music consumption in the fast-growing markets of China, Nigeria, and India, specifically relating to piracy.


The research showed the role that developments in music streaming can play in offsetting piracy.

Findings were presented to key stakeholders in the global music industry. It is now seen as the authoritative piece on music consumption for Nigeria, China, and India.

Our method

For all territories (i.e. China, Nigeria and India),
we employed a two-phase approach:

  • Phase One:
    Qualitative research through online communities. This phase identified key trends that would inform the design of the second phase of research.

  • Phase Two:
    Quantitative research via online surveys, including the investigation of consumer sub-groups, to robustly measure the breadth and strength of these trends.