Social media and entertainment publisher

Illustrating the impact of digital campaigns


With our ability to track the impact of their campaigns among their target audience and show the value of their content to their numerous high profile partners, a leading social media and entertainment publisher has developed a longstanding relationship with AudienceNet.


Our rich data has both quantified and qualified the impact of our client’s approach to digital marketing, complimenting and enhancing basic reach statistics made available through social platforms.

As such, our partnership has become an important part of their pitch to new clients and aided in the growth of their business.

Our method

Prior to the launch of a new campaign by our client on behalf of any of their partners, AudienceNet conducts an initial online survey (including quantitative and qualitative questions) among the target audience on the topic to establish a baseline measure of consumer behaviours and attitudes.

  • Surveys conducted during or after the campaign include a number of respondents that have been naturally exposed to the content, and some who are exposed to it within the course of the research.

  • Attitudes towards the content are compared to previous survey results in order to show the campaign’s true impact, with true depth of insight.