Recorded Music Industry Body

Identifying trends for the worldwide music industry


Our client represents the recorded music industry worldwide.

We work with them on their annual Music Consumer Study, which helps companies to identify consumer trends and to inform policies and decisions at both country-specific and global levels.

Our method

Our annual research includes:

  • A sample of approximately 50,000 people across 21 countries and 14 languages.
  • Nationally representative samples with additional interviews with 13-15 year-olds in most markets.

  • Online self-completion interviews.
  • Strict age, gender and region quotas for representative samples in each country.

We support the Music Consumer Study by utilising global panels, and on-the-ground field teams, to reach larger, more representative samples. We also add value by developing an audience segmentation based on consumers’ passion for music, as well as their consumption habits. Findings are presented in visually impactful reports matched to the clients brand guidelines.