Quantifying Instagram’s impact on Australian business

Quantifying Instagram’s impact on Australian business

To investigate the platform’s impact on Australian business, Instagram recently commissioned AudienceNet to survey a combination of Australian Instagrammers, aged over 18, and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) that use Instagram for advertising, marketing, PR or communications.

Almost three quarters (74%) of Australian SMEs agreed that Instagram is helping them to achieve their goals.

The findings demonstrate the active way in which users engage with content on Instagram and this is seemingly key to its success as a tool for small businesses. More than two thirds (67%) of 18-34 year old Australians agreed that Instagram helps them find new products, services, businesses or organisations. Young Australians often use the platform in relation to spending decisions, with 60% having visited a restaurant or café because of something they’ve seen on Instagram. 42% of those surveyed said they think more positively of businesses or products that have an Instagram profile.

The report found that Instagram facilitates SMEs in Australia to broaden their customer reach. With over half (58%) of those surveyed saying that they like that they can discover small businesses on Instagram, which otherwise they might not have known existed. The broadening of reach is not just among local customers, but worldwide, as two thirds (67%) of SMEs agreed that Instagram enables them to connect to international customers too. Australian Instagram users actively respond to what they view on Instagram, and this is benefitting small businesses that use the platform.

To view the findings you can download the summary report here